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A new link has been created on the privatization portal for foreign investors

A new link has been created on the privatization portal for foreign investors

The State Committee on Property Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan made some changes on the Privatization portal in order to increase interest of foreign investors in the privatization process and attract new investments. Thus, a new link has been created on the English language section of the privatization portal which reflecting the variety of newly opened state enterprises and objects. There has been indicated 321 state properties which attract the interest of foreign investors. Among such properties included the various government agencies, state-owned enterprises and objects which are in the balance of organizations and companies.The names, location (city, district), addresses, forms and methods of privatization of such properties has been marked in English on the link.

Such state properties cover the areas of education, health, industry, agriculture, sports, recreation, construction and repair and other. Besides the capital city these state enterprises and objects are located in various cities and regions of the Republic such as Sumgait, Ganja, Yevlakh, Lankaran, Shirvan, Tovuz, Sheki, Agsu, Zagatala, Guba. These properties refer to recreation areas, hospitals, outpatient clinics, factories, non-residential areas, different buildings and facilities.

There has been indicated on the link 11 enterprice of the Ministry of Health, 2 enterprice of Agriculture Ministry, 28 enterprice of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 13 enterprice of Ministry of Education, , 5 enterprice of Ministry of Youth and Sports, 11 enterprice of Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry, 91 enterprice of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, 12 enterprice of the State Committee on Deals of Refugees and IDPs, 23 enterprice of Baku City Executive Power and information about numerous enterprises in the balance of other structures.

Such state enterprices opened for the privatization will be privatized through investment competition, auction and other privatization methods. 49 of 321 state-owned properties will be sold on investment competition, and the rest will be sold on auction method.

Among the properties to be privatized through investment competition there has been enumarated the names of Sports Palace of Technical University, Sports and Health center of the Economic University, the central office of "Azneftkimyamash" OJSC, Machine-building plants of Sabail, Surakhani, Binagadi, Sabunchu districts, the Equestrian Tourism of Republic and the National Equestrian Games Centre, breeding plants in Neftchala, Shirvan, Goygol, Yevlakh districts and other properties.

Recall that the results of the privatization announcement will be released to the public through its website resources (on the official site, privatization portal, Facebook page) and the media.