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Protection of foreign investment

Law of the Azerbaijan Republic

About Protection of Foreign Investments

The present Law determines legal and economic principles of realisation of foreign investments at the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic. The Law is aimed to attraction and efficient use of foreign material and financial resources in the economy, modern foreign equipment and technology and managerial experience and guarantees protection of rights of foreign investors.

Section I. General

Clause 1. Legislation concerning foreign investments

All relationships concerning foreign investments at the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic are governed by the present Law, other legislative acts and international agreements of Azerbaijan Republic.

Clause 2. Foreign investors

The following persons and entities might be foreign investors in the Azerbaijan Republic:

a. foreign legal entities

b. foreign citizens, stateless citizens and citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic permanently living abroad, if they have been registered as participants of economic activity in the country of their citizenship or permanent residency

c. foreign states

d. international organisations.

Clause 3. Foreign investments and their forms

Foreign investments might be represented by any kind of property and proprietary rights, including right for results of intellectual activity and other immaterial rights being

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