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Investment activity law

The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan

About investment activity

The present Law establishes general social, economic and legal conditions of investment activity (capital investment) on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Law is directed to the intensive attraction of investments into the economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, efficient use of economy for the development of country economic base, as well as international economic cooperation and integration and will ensure protection of rights of all investors, independent of their property form.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1 Definition of investment

Investment is comprised of financial means, as well as material (actual) and intellectual values, used in all kinds of business activity with the aim of income (profit) extraction or for the social benefit.

These means and values include the following:

  • pecuniary means, purpose bank assignments, credits, stakes, shares and other securities; movables and immovables (buildings, constructions, equipment and other valuables);
  • scientific-experimental and other intellectual valuables, officially drawn up in the appropriate order;
  • complete set of technical, technological, commercial and other knowledge («know-how»), drawn up in the form technical documentation, skills and production experience, necessary for the organisation of the given and other kinds of production;
  • rights to use soils, waters and other resources;
  • buildings, constructions, equipment, also connected with copyright or other property;

Allotment of investments for the acquire and replenishment of basic funds and development of material production is carried out in the form of capital investments.

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