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About Azerbaijan

About Azerbaijan

General information

Official name of the state: Azerbaijan Republic

State structure of Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan is a democratic, legal, secular and unitary republic. It is a state with a majority of ethnic Turks and Muslims. The legislative power is exercised by Milli Mejlis, the executive power – by the President and the judicial power – by the courts of Azerbaijan Republic. 

Establishment date of first Republic: 28 May 1918

Independence date: 18 October 1991 (II Republic)

Capital: Baku

State language of Azerbaijan: The state language of Republic of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani language. All documentation is carried out only in the state language. Widely used languages are English, Turkish and Russian. Presently Azerbaijani alphabet is used in Azerbaijan established basing on Latin scripts 

Constitutional structure

Government form: Unitary Republic governed by means of President

Head of State: President

Head of Government: Prime Minister

Parliament: Unicameral National Assembly (Milli Mejlis)

International cooperation: UN, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, OSCE, Council of Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), NATO Partnership program

Economic structure

Economic strategy: Sustainable economic growth and macroeconomic stability

Economic system: Market economy

GDP (2015): 54,4 billion manats

Export (2015): 10,6 billion manats

Import (2015): 8,2 billion manats

Geography and people

Location: Azerbaijan is located in the junction of Europe and Asia and south-east part of the South Caucasus. It borders on Russian Federation in the north, Islamic Republic of Iran in the south, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia in the west and through the Caspian Sea on Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in the east. Azerbaijan is in latitudes 39° 24' and 41° 54' north and at longitudes 44° 46' and 50° 45' east. 

Territory: 86,600 km2

Population: 9 million 593 thousands according to the statistics for 2015.

Religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism

The largest cities:Baku, Ganja, Sumgait, Nakhchivan

The highest mountain peak: Bazarduzu–4,466 m

The longest river: Kur–1515 km

The biggest lake: Sarisu, 67 km2

Natural resources: Oil, gas, coal, gold, aluminum, mineral water


Road Network: 19001.6 km

Railway network: 2068 km

The main sea port: Baku (the biggest port in the Caspian Sea)

Air transport: CIS, Europe, China and the Middle East passenger and cargo services

The largest airport: Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Useful information

Time zone: GMT + 4.00

Currency: Azerbaijani manat - AZN

Calling code: +994

Basic internet domain: .az

Electric voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz