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Tariff Council of Republic of Azerbaijan

Extract from Statue of Tariff Council of Republic of Azerbaijan

1. Tariff (price) Council of Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter Council) is the body established and operated on social bases for enhancing the state regulation on the activity of natural monopoly entities in the republic, establishing favorable investment environment in the country, encouraging the development of production, increasing the competitiveness of local goods in domestic market, implementing the state policy more expediently and effectively with the contribution of flexible mechanism of tariff (price) and customs duties.

2. The Council implements its activities on the basis of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Laws of the Azerbaijan Republic, decrees and orders of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, decisions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, international contracts supported by the Azerbaijan Republic and the present statute.

3. The main duties of the Council are the followings:

3.1. According to the current legislation and normative legal acts of Azerbaijan preparation of proposals by providing economic interests of the country and regulation of levels of tariffs (prices) and dues referred to the state regulation;

3.2. Preparation of proposals on improvement energy carriers which is the basis of the economy and influence the levels of tariffs (prices) and dues in all spheres of the economy as well as current regulation principles of tariffs (prices) of products (services) of natural monopoly entities;

3.3. Preparation of proposals on enhancement state regulation to improve legislation and normative legal base of state regulation of tariffs (prices) and dues, form and execute of tariffs (prices) and dues;

3.4. Preparation of proposals on determination and changing custom, tariff and dues rates in order to make available condition for operating by protecting from the negative impact of foreign competition in terms of ensuring the interests of economy of country and competitive domestic production,  the list of goods exempted from value-added tax, non-tariff regulation and the application of customs, tariff privileges;

3.5. Preparation of proposals on determination and changing of transit tariffs of transit loads passing through the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

3.6. Making decisions about the conduct of the investigation related with caused or will be able to cause damage to local production as a result of goods import for protection of domestic market and preparation of proposals on this issue.