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State investment policy

State investment policy

Attracting investments plays an important role ensuring the long-term, sustainable and balanced development in Azerbaijan. In order to provide the required volume and quality of investments further improvement of the investment climate in the country is one of the major challenges. The following measures are implemented:

- to improve corporate management and protect personal property;

-to create more favorable competitive climate for all investors not depending on type of property;

-to increase role of state to maintain stable legal-normative regime;

-to increase role of state to maintain stable legal-normative regime;

-to improve information system of investors on enterprises to analyze and select investment objects;

- to provide further assistance towards development process of modern institutional infrastructure maintaining favorable transformation of deposits to investments;

-to promote information supply of business, to coordinate the statistics with international standards; 

Investment activities of the relevant state bodies

The State Committee for property Issues (SCPI)

State Committee on Property Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan was establishedwiththe Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated may 19, 2009. Other functions of thecommittee is included management of state property and lands, privatization of them,to attract investment, new equipments, technology into the country's economy through the provision of leasing and management , the state register of real estate (Right to property), land cadastre. Privatization of state property by investors, leasing and management issues, determination of price and dates, sign contracts andand other such issues are regulated by this committee.

“Azerbaijan Investment Company " OJSC

Azerbaijan Investment Company (AIC) was established by the Decree number 1395 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan On additional measures to promote investment activity" signed on March 30, 2006.The main objective of the AIC is attracting local and foreign investors existing and new commercial institutions Term investment through their own expense

Export and Investment Promotion Foundation inAzerbaijan.  (AZPROMO)

Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) is a joint public-private-initiative, established by the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Azerbaijan in 2003One of the main activities of the organization is foreign investors, local producers and as a bridge between governments is carried out.